Harmonic Potential present a range of products lovingly created to bring you naturally into harmony with yourself and the world. Using the vibrational and healing qualities of gems, crystals, colour, sound, flowers, trees and divine masters instilled into purified water, and activated by the sun, moon, stars and universal life force.

We create the finest gem essences in pure crystal singing bowls. We blend them with purified water and pure essential oils. We bless them with divine energy. We then combine then into crystal essence products to enhance your life.


  • Aura/room/mediation sprays - crystal essences to raise and clear the energy
  • Foaming and pure bath essences - a piece of luxury to aid relaxation and promote peacefulness
  • Elixirs - internal drops to assist healing, balance and vitality


Each crystal essence has a ready blended fragrance, or we can customise them to meet your individual needs.

These gem essences can be used in a number of ways to restore balance and harmony by raising the vibration of the body, mind and spirit. They can help to improve health, increase vitality or simply bring a sense of peace and well being.

Vibrational Essences

Everything in the world is pure energy, vibrating at different levels, creating different forms. Our bodies too are pure energy. When the body’s vibration is out of balance it creates illness, disharmony, depression and other forms of physical, emotional and mental imbalance. The harmonic product range works with the principle of vibrational healing. Every cell in our body has its own specific function and vibration. Each particle contains life force. Everyday stress, mental and emotional, disturbs the harmonic balance in the vibrational structure, causing imbalance in our lives and the physical and subtle bodies.

Working with the rhythms of nature, or bio-dynamics, tailored essences to suit your individual needs are lovingly created to help restore a sense of equilibrium and balance, using the healing properties of colour, sound, crystals, trees and flowers. Blended with your favourite essential oils and made into indulgent shower and bath essences, meditation and room sprays for you or a loved one. All these products are created in a loving meditative environment drawing in the universal life force and divine energies to support and bless the healing process.

Crystal and Divine Essences

Made in pure quartz crystal singing bowls, the healing and balancing properties of gems and crystals are instilled into purified water and preserved in brandy. Each crystal has different properties which are used to create powerful essences for different needs. Divine essences invoke the energy and support of ascended masters and archangels. These crystal essences are created through meditation with the Masters, to connect us to our essential qualities

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